Epson R3000 ink marks update - not good!

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Petruska wrote:

Santelia wrote:

To Joe, Toni, Bob and others you may recall that I was having a problem with my Epson R3000 in that the printer was leaving ink marks on my prints. Well, I received the call from the local repair service that the printer was back from Epson, I picked up, spent about 2hrs trying to get it back on my home wireless system which I finally did with the help of Epson support (another long story) and quickly tried to print so that I could test for myself that it was working properly and it was not; SAME INK MARKS ON MY PRINT AS BEFORE. Actually the print came out horrible, lack of color, faded just a mess. All the local repair place could say is that Epson had provided a complete unit repair (whatever that means) because they could not tell me. I returned the printer and its going back to Epson tomorrow. I don't think the print head was ever replaced, this time sample prints with the ink marks are going back with the printer, which I thought the local approved Epson repair service had sent originally but they had not, the printer problems had been identified through phone conversations. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to provide all details, very frustrating to say the least. $400 and nothing to show for it, yet.

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1. How did the nozzle check pattern look? If it was fine then there shouldn't be anything wrong with the print head.

2. Did you try the repaired printer with another computer? We just had a poster here that went through two new R3000 printers and another refurb on the way, blaming the printer. He installed the 2nd new printer on another computer and his problems went away. There was never a bad first printer. It was his computer.

3. Going back to original post, you stated that some photos didn't have the probem ink splatters and others did and you could reproduce it at will which photos would and would not have splatters. This also leans towards a computer system/driver issue.

Good luck!

Bob P.

Hello Bob,

Well, the nozzle pattern looked perfect, Epson returned the printer with a large print made by them with multiple color patterns and shades that looked absolutely beautiful. Which leads to me think you may be right about a computer driven problem and not the printer. On my first test print after I brought the printer home, not only were the ink marks on the print again but the print had no color and was like washed out. So yes, it may well be user error and I have to find a way to correct it once I received the printer back.

I did not try the printer with another computer, what I do remember is that before sending away for repairs I could see the print head depositing the extra black ink on the print just like the pictures on my original post

The problem of the ink marks was reproduced on a different print although it did happend more often on the same print. I thought about what you are saying and that's why I checked for updates etc but the system seemed to be up to date.

I guess I am one of those that is used to plug and play however, with the printer I think it's going to take a little more effort on my part to learn about the solutions to common problems with the equipment.


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