glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Re: glossy monitor screen versus matte?

raminolta wrote:

The point is not having to struggle with your environment lighting set up in order to getting rid of the annoying reflections. Besides, the purpose of a laptop is 'portability' (did I have to say that?). That means I carry it to places where I have no or little control over the lighting conditions. If I have an options, why should I have to buy a glossy laptop and then having to struggle with the reflections.? Besides as the other poster mentioned, even in a completely dark environment, there is reflection from the laptop's own display light which lits my head and face and I can see it in the screen.

Overall my experience is that in about %80-90 of situations, the reflections are at an annoying level so the little gain on black levels in a glossy screen is greatly counteracted by the reflections. I also have the impressions, I loose the details in dark areas of an image on a glossy screen which is another drawback of glossy screens.

I agree.  Never will buy a glossy monitor, tv, etc.  My iPhone has a glossy screen but I can live with that as I'm not looking at it for extended periods.

Frankly I don't care if the blacks are ever-so-slightly blacker on a glossy screen because you know what?  I can't see them through all the reflections!!  Oh, re-arrange my lighting you say?  Yeah, let me re-arrange all the lights in my office/living room and/or essentially turn it into a darkroom so I can actually see a monitor I payed hundreds of dollars for.

No thanks.

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