What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

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Re: What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

Most of my landscape photography happens between 16-30mm (24mm to 45mm FF equivalent), but that is also because I don’t have an ultra-wide lens.

At 18mm (the widest angle on my Sigma 18-250):

Sigma 18-250 (at 18mm)

Occasionally I will zoom in considerably (in this case, 250mm) to emphasize an element (also useful if trying to exaggerate size of sun/moon against mountains, for example):

Sigma 18-250 (at 250mm)

And rectilinear-corrected 8mm fisheye:

Rokinon 8mm + Fisheye Hemi

Sigma 18-250 (at 250mm) 

Sigma 18-250 (at 250mm)

Sigma 18-250 (at 100mm)

Something to keep in mind is that DoF reducesy (hyper focal distance increases) dramatically with increase in focal length, at a far greater rate than reducing aperture would cope up with.

Generally, I would say 24-50mm (FF equivalent) is popular. But, if course, you can go closer. But, mostly wider than that.

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