Quick pool, em-5 or gh-3

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Re: OM-D

sgoldswo wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

The body attracts less attention


That's one main reason (along with sensor based IS) why I prefer the OM-D.

The GH-3 screams "look at me, I'm a cool PJ type" or similar. The only thing missing is oversized white lenses...

Whereas the E-M5 looks uber retro cool. Not that it is bad, I like it, but it stands out to others. The GH3 by contrast looks from distance like a small APS-c DSLR. It blends into the crowd.

All I can say is that I've had upwards of 10 people ask me about the E-M5, as opposed to 0 for the GH3. It was similar when I had the G5, panny cameras just blend in better (unless they are pink :-D)...

Maybe if you're hanging out with, or going places where there are lots of photographers or photo enthusiasts.

My experience with the OM-D among the general public is that it doesn't seem to get noticed at all (gaffer's tape over names & letters might also help with that): it's almost as if I were wearing an invisibility cloak or ring - my precioussss! 

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