Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: The test was performed properly.

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Didn't you see my second test, where I shoot at apertures f/4 for 60D and f/5.6 for 5D. What you are agreeing for, I can not understand? Here is a link in case you've missed it.

Anyway I've made my point and I posted examples for anyone to see. If they see it, or not is their choice.

Not sure what's your point? Nobody denies Canon 18mp APS-C is able to outresolve 12.8mp 5D but you'd need the best lenses. If you want to prove that you seem achieve that goal. However most APS-C owners don't use the top lenses, no mention 24-70mm is not in ideal walk-around range on 1.6x crop cameras.

The point is moot. If an APS-C shooter is interested in obtaining the best possible IQ with their camera, then they will be using lenses such as this!

In real world with most regular lenses, 5D outresolves 18mp APS-C.

Rubbish. The whole idea is laughable.

Can you believe that despite the numerous samples provided by the OP, that Peter is still arguing thos point?  This is truly bizarre behaviour.  This has proven the 5D is outresolved by the 60D and 7D...and that Peter has been wrong this entire time.

If the lens is of only average quality, the lower MP camera resolves more than the higher MP one, but if the lens is of high quality, the higher MP camera resolves more than the lower MP one. ROFL!

As I suggested, can you do similar test with 24-105L? Also do in low light on tripod and in shadow? 60D does best in bright sunlight.

You did these tests with an agenda that purposely give a huge favor to 60D with the best lens under the perfect light condition. Such mind-setup tests are meaningless.

There is nothing wrong with the tests (apart from the fact that they show what you don't want to see I guess)


I did a quick test last night between two cameras with 24-70L II and 24-105L against a dollar bill from close distance and only check very center area. I will post result later.

With 24-70L II, 60D is really capable of resolving details. 5D photo is still a bit sharper however. I think we need to compare at the same output size otherwise you will get an illusion that bigger one obviously has more resolution.

We will "get an illusion that bigger one obviously has more resolution".


It either has more resolution or it doesn't. There should be no illusion.

I simply looked at the text on the signs.  i download the full rez fils and compared each....and there is no way Peter can claim anything other than the obvious....e 5D lost.

I didn't have time last night to upsampling 5D photo to 60D's size. I think they will be very close.

Yes - probably very, very close. So close, in fact, that most people wouldn't (don't actually) care about the difference!

True....which means there is no way the files could be reduced by 60% in size and displayed on a 2000 pixel wide screen and have it show an obvious rez advantage to the 5D.  That claim, through the results of the OPs test, show that is impossible.

With 24-105L, 5D clearly leads 60D in sharpness and fine details even in very center sweet-spot. After upsampling, 5D should still lead 60D a bit.

Let see the raw files, like the OP has provided. He has credibility by doing this. Will you do the same?

Until we see the same, we have only one conclusion, e 60D offers more rez.

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