So few lenses for full frame? Am I the only one?

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"contrived" is the word

I do not question the OP's particular circumstances, but it's like this: he's using a FF lens on APS-C, then turn around and say there is no FF equivalent for this lens (now multiplied by 1.6 to get the APS-C equivalent focal length).

But you can always create -- or more precisely contrive -- situations like this. For instance, Canon makes a 180mm macro lens, you could say since you can use it as a 288mm macro lens on APS-C, there is no such lens for FF; but if Canon one day actually makes a 288mm macro lens (God forbid), you can always say there is no 461mmFF macro lens on FF, etc. ad infinitum. It's a game you can always (contrive to) win.

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