Initial thoughts on the EX2f

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Initial thoughts on the EX2f

The EX2 took a long time to appear so it is baffling how Samsung seem to have implemented the features that so annoyed people with the XZ-1. It is as though they have got confused and taken all the complaints about the XZ-1 as recommendations. Though at least the video is better but you could not really match the awfulness of the XZ-1 video if you tried.

One is the reluctance to select high ISO's instead of dreadfully slow shutter speeds. At least with the EX2 it caps at ISO 400 rather than ISO 200 but that is only one stop. The camera is begging for a user controlled high ISO in the menu for PAS modes. It is odd because it reduces the ability to use as a point and shoot as you have to manually select any ISO over 400 if you do not want moving subjects blurring.

The other is the lack of control of noise suppression especially given the vast size of the RAW files, 26 Meg vs 10 Meg of the XZ-1.

The results from the camera are pretty good so I am not displeased with it but am surprised at the primitive menu choices supplied for user control of the camera. If you do change something rafts of choices will disappear. Any change in sharpness and face detection disappears. They seem to have produced a sophisticated expensive camera but put an entry level point and shoot firmware in it. Samsung just seem to not be able to match the quality of the cameras with the quality of the firmware. A great pity.

It is just not competitive with the LX7 though the What Digital camera review shows it outresolving the LX7 up to ISO 400 which is a small mercy. So the results will be better over the range you are most likely to use it.

Good camera but not really good enough given the vast choice around. I suspect the only thing keeping it alive is the wide angle lens. I am not worried myself as I bought it at £259 which is a steal and it is a great indoor snapper but would not pay the full whack for it given the likes of the Olympus XZ-2/Pentax MX1/Panny LX7/Canon G15/Nikon P7700 which seem to have much more comprehensive user setup flexibility.

I think Samsung will have to up their game considerably in firmware quality to match the competition.

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