Using colored gels with monolights and a softbox

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Re: Using colored gels with monolights and a softbox

Thanks for your response. I use gels all the time with my speedlites but was looking for a solution for using them with my Einsteins when using a softbox. Einsteins have a frosted glass dome over the flashtubes which should prevent the gels from touching the flash tubes.

Sailor Blue wrote:

You can gel the strobe but be careful not to let the gel touch the flash tube. If that happens the gel can melt and you will never be able to get the resulting blob of gel off the flash tube.

If you want a portable outdoor solution then buy a sheet of gel material and add Velcro tabs to the strips of the gel and to a hot-shoe flash head. For matching the color temperature of incandescent lighting or sunsets/sunrises make up multiple strips of 1/4 CTO so you can add one, two, three, or four layers to the flash head.

Kelby TV - Photography Tips and Tricks - RC goes over his process for stacking gels on his flashes

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