Nikkor 32mm f1.2 listed on the Nikon USA website...

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Re: Nikkor 32mm f1.2 listed on the Nikon USA website...

Eyvind wrote:

I can resist. The 6.7-13mm hit me in a weak spot, but portraits aren't a particular interest and the focal length isn't useful enough as a general purpose lens. The speed is nice, but I'd rather have a fast 35mm equivalent. Other than for portraits, 85mm is long for indoors. Unless it was a macro lens. That's another itch I'd love to scratch, but am thinking add-on lenses may do well enough for me.

Your arguments are compelling, and I think you are right... The f1.2 speed probably triggered a case of acute lens lust.

I'm probably especially prone to ALL these days as I've trimmed my lens portfolio the last weeks, replaced eigth lenses with two - but I'm obviously in want of more glass...

In any case, I'm looking forward to read the first reviews of the lens.

f1.2 is sexy, but I guess, I could resist too. It also looks quite big on V2 body, and when I don't need compact size, I can just use my canon 85/1.8. I'd prefer a lens like oly 45/1.8 - excellent performance, but small and cheap.

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