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susishke wrote:

Am in a similar situation Ed. Looked forward to getting a Canon 6300 for a long time. Rec'd my printer and started to print itest sheets etc in Oct. 2012. Whilst printing my profile charts discovered lines on the back of each of them... just as you describe. The company I purchased the printer from eventually sent out an engineer and he diagnosed a problem with the vacuum. He tried blocking up the vacuum hole with blu tac but the lines appeared further down the page instead. It appeared to be moving the problem not fixing it.
A replacement ipf6300 was eventually sent out. This time the sales rep. installed the printer and started printing the test sheets. He was dismayed to see the same problem occuring. Lines on the reverse side of everything whether using roll or ind. sheets.
Photos were taken of the printing errors and emails sent out to Canon Head Office UK and Japan. The response was that engineers here and in Europe were at a loss as to how to fix the prob. Different methods attempted but all failed. Apparently all agreed it was to do with the vacuum kit holding the paper in place whilst printing. I was told that ink was being sucked under the paper and then being sprayed onto the underside. After various conversations with Canon, I was told that for all the inconvenience I had been put through they would upgrade me free of charge to a ipf6400. I was absolutely delighted. I was told they would do a test run on a 6400 in the depot just to make sure no probs. The next call received was a huge disappointment.....apparently the new 6400 printer was displaying exactly the same problem. It was printing lines on the reverse side of the paper.
A fix was needed and I was told it could take a long while to sort it out, plus Christmas was about to kick in and everything went on-hold. During January phone calls were made but no news on a fix, everyone still at a loss. Then in late Feb. I was told the prob. had been fixed and a new batch of 6400's were on their way over from Europe. I was absolutely delighted.
I finally received my ipf6400 last week and the first test prints produced revealed the same black lines on the back of the paper. Following instructions from the seller I adjusted head height, vacuum etc and the lines are darker or lighter or more of them and always there.
It appears to be a matter of luck. Apparently some machines have gone out and are okay but my supplier said there are more reports of other 6400's being returned with the same prob.
I am gutted; esp. to have experienced three machines all with the same problem. I wish to print fine art prints and greetings cards and cannot wait any longer for the prob. to be sorted. A year ago, I met a designer for a well known clothing manufacturer. We were talking printers and she said that at work they used the Epson 7900 and she had recently bought one to use at home. She said she would highly recommend. At the time I had my heart set on a Canon 6300 but in hindsight wished I'd taken notice.
I have been so patient with Canon over the past four months, but at the end of the day I have lost a lot of business and wasted a lot of time and money in the hope that they would consider this problem worthy of finding a fix. I've been told that if enough people flag it up as an issue they might do something about it. Am sorry to hear you have had similar probs. Ed and if you have since found a solution please do let me know asap.

Are you printing borderless when this happens?


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