Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: The test was performed properly.

nedelcho wrote:

Didn't you see my second test, where I shoot at apertures f/4 for 60D and f/5.6 for 5D. What you are agreeing for, I can not understand? Here is a link in case you've missed it.

Anyway I've made my point and I posted examples for anyone to see. If they see it, or not is their choice.

Not sure what's your point? Nobody denies Canon 18mp APS-C is able to outresolve 12.8mp 5D but you'd need the best lenses. If you want to prove that you seem achieve that goal.  However most APS-C owners don't use the top lenses, no mention 24-70mm is not in ideal walk-around range on 1.6x crop cameras.

In real world with most regular lenses, 5D outresolves 18mp APS-C. As I suggested, can you do similar test with 24-105L? Also do in low light on tripod and in shadow? 60D does best in bright sunlight.

You did these tests with an agenda that purposely give a huge favor to 60D with the best lens under the perfect light condition. Such mind-setup tests are meaningless.

I did a quick test last night between two cameras with 24-70L II and 24-105L against a dollar bill from close distance and only check very center area. I will post result later.

With 24-70L II, 60D is really capable of resolving details. 5D photo is still a bit sharper however. I think we need to compare at the same output size otherwise you will get an illusion that bigger one obviously has more resolution. I didn't have time last night to upsampling 5D photo to 60D's size. I think they will be very close.

With 24-105L, 5D clearly leads 60D in sharpness and fine details even in very center sweet-spot. After upsampling, 5D should still lead 60D a bit.

Here are the links for the RAW files for apertures from f/2.8 to f/11.



For qianp2k, there is no clipping in the RAW files for both 5D and 60D and they're receiving equal amount of light, so it doesn't matter if the 5D is 1/3 more sensitive isn't it?

As I said it's well known 5D sensor is +1/3 EV oversensitive than standard ISO as I said. Many suggested to shoot -1/3EC in outdoor in daylight especially in bright sunlight. I still can see your 5D photo is a bit overexposed in 2nd test. In indoor or in low light you can leave 5D at 0EC.

This will be my last contribution to this discussion as it seems.

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