5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

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Re: 5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

Thanks!  Overall I find the metering/exposure of the Mark III with no flash to be pretty much the same as the 60D, with the exception of low light areas.  If I am in a room with light (but low light), what the Mark III meter shows as a correct exposure is actually underexposed by about 2/3 to 1 stop.  I have learned to compensate for this and it's not actually a situation that I shoot in a lot so it's fine.

You are right, the color on the Mark III is "nicer"...I know what you mean!

paqman wrote:

i just got a 5dm3 and coming from my 7d, i thought the 5dm3 pics were darker too (well, not thought, they are!).

you might try your bathroom/shells experiment WITHOUT the flash at all and see if exposure in general is still darker on 5dm3.

my experience so far is that the 5dm3 exposes a bit darker but the color is 'nicer' (can't explain how really) and there's no blown out highlights on shots with a broad range of dark and light (compared again to 7d).

having both these cameras is cool though, cuz my new 24-105 that came with the 5dm3 works great on the 7d too and might be a perfect vacation combo (and give me the built-in flash without having to lug the 580ex as well).

anyway, try it without flash at all and compare. might help.

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