E-7 Wish List

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Re: E-7 Wish List

Here's my personal wish list for the E-7

*) High quality OVF; AF points are projected with a LED rather than viewed through a transmissive LCD

I own a D700 and Nikon 1 V1 and its my opinion that a quality OVF is still more comfortable than an EVF. It has nothing to do with resolution of the EVF.

*) Dalsa 5.4 micron CCD sensor with high quality AA filter

This is the same technology used in the Phase1 IQ160 back. A FourThirds sized sensor would have a resolution of 8mp. 8mp is enough for me bearing in mind that the iPad has a 3mp 10" screen.

There are other cameras that can be purchased if one is interested in megapixels, e.g. Nikon D800E, Canon 5D3, Nikon D7100. I would like Olympus to go for high quality low ISO color matched with their excellent lenses.

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