Renaming an SD card

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Re: Renaming an SD card

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Graham Clark 178 wrote:

Sounds like the volume is read-only, probably an ExFAT partition schema which is laid down by the camera. To change the name:

1. Launch Disk Utility

2. Select SD card

3. Click 'Partition' tab

4. Select Format: Mac OS X (HFS+ Journaled)

5. Rename volume on your desktop. (if you don't see it on the desktop your preferences are hiding them)

If you format it this way, you can use it as a storage volume for Mac OS X, but the camera needs to reformat it in order to save data down, as it see's only ExFAT, not 'HFS+ Journaled'

If you still want to use the card in your camera, this may not be a good idea. If you 'format' a memory card in your camera, most cameras will not really repartition the card, but simply erase it. That's why rescue software can normally be used to save images from a card that has been 'formatted' in the camera. However, if 'formatting' in your camera is really only erasing the contents, your camera may not be able to reformat a HFS+ formatted SD card at all. It probably depends on the camera, but all you may get is a 'Card Error' massage.

Unless memory cards are already formatted with multiple partions when purchased, re-formatting the card to FAT32 or exFAT should return it into the state it was in when it was purchased.

Yes, it 'should'. I've seen cards that were no longer accepted by certain cameras after being formatted to FAT in a Macintosh, though.

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