Which quality paper-cutter without the cost?

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Re: Which quality paper-cutter without the cost?

I'm in Europe so I'd expect there to be cm markers here.

Currently I don't have any printer (except for an Epson multi-function photo printer that can do A4 or less that is), so for the time being (I'm just starting up my photography business) I'm having a professional lab do all my printing. If business starts booming I'll consider getting my own printer, but at this stage I don't know what customers will demand so I have no idea what size printer I'd need either. What experiences do readers here have regarding which size prints customers want?

I'll be doing mostly portraits and probably some product/food/advertising too, so my guess is that A3 or less will suffice for most customers. In that case I could probably go for an A3+ capable printer such as the Epson R-2880 or similar, and have the lab do the occasional large prints, but of course that gets us back to the original subject of cutting those prints.....

Maybe I need to look into getting a second, larger cutter when the time comes and for now be happy with something which doesn't take up too much space, isn't too expensive, can be moved around easily but has a quality build. And for the occasional larger prints, would a good knife and ruler do?

Oh, a final question: will most cutters allow me to say split a sheet into several individual photos without damaging/scratching some of them, or are the more affordable ones made mostly just for trimming off excessive paper which will be thrown away anyway?

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