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Re: Ball Head Recommendation

If you are truly looking for a ballhead system with NO creep and a horz/vert elbow bracket that is solid as a rock I recommend:

Manfrotto 410 geared 3-way head  (or the 405 or 400)     I chose the lighter, smaller 410 for my 35mm system. I replaced the 394 plate adapter (normally supplied) with the 625 hexagonal plate adapter, this was needed to mate with the 340 elbow bracket.

Manfrotto 340 elbow bracket--a solid right angle bracket for your camera body. It is easily qr'd to mount your camera in portrait or landscape mode, the camera lens remains centered over the axis of rotation. Beside the 'no creep' performance the positioning of the ball head can be achieved quickly by releasing the coarse adjust knobs and moving the camera. Next the fine adjust knobs can be rotated to alter camera position by fractions of a degree-when you remove your fingers from the fine adjust  all motion stops--NO creep!! This holds for the adjustments roll, tilt or rotate for me during the last decade.!

I never considered Manfrotto equipment 'cheap' in the vulgar sense. At each price range the customer received appropriate performance. Unlike Kirk and RRS, Manfrotto was not in the 'jewelry' business-performance and reliability is my primary concern, not the glitz. Yes, I am quite aware of the Q&R accorded to Kirk and RRS.

I'm not certain of today's prices but I believe the L bracket is equal to or greater than the price of the 410 ball head. The quick release plate cost probably exceeds that of both the 340 elbow bracket and the 625 hex plate.

The tools recommended have served me quite well, no doubt that they will serve you as well in the future.

irv weiner

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