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Re: Monopod Recommendation

I also use the Manfrotto 680, I chose this monopod because Manfrotto sells an accessory set of mini-legs that fit into the 'pod. The mini-legs are easily removed and screwed into the bottom of pod. This setup is sufficiently stable to stand free while I remove 'stuff' form my camera bag or chow down a power bar. For wildlife pix, I mount my Markins Q10 ballhead, the D800 with the Sigma 150-500 on the 680-- I can swivel to and fro and the monopod base stays in place, can't do with the basic monopod setup. Best of all, I can even take my hands off this setup and it doesn't fall. It is a pleasure to have one's monopod stand free and not have to find a place to put it (or drop it quickly) in an urgent moment.

With a corkball head on top it makes an excellent hiking stick, not featherweight but will break your fall safely if you trip!

irv weiner

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