Quick pool, em-5 or gh-3

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Re: ISO performance of OMD vs GH3 ?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

dotborg wrote:

dotborg wrote:

sanjaykool wrote:

They have the same sensor.

The "sensor photo detectors" entry gor the GH3 says 17.2Mp and for the OM-D it is 16.9 ...

The odds are pretty good that it is not exactly the same sensor.

On the other hand ... when you process any of the 16Mp sensors (with the exception of the GH2 which has some issues in shadow) in RAW at very high ISO, the results are so close as to make little practical difference.

They are exactly the same resolution.

*sigh* ... the sensor may have the same final resolution ... but to be able to assert that they are the same sensor as you did, they must also have the same number of photosites ... which they do not.

Or are you saying that only the final resolution matters? Because if that is true then the OM-D, the GX1, the GH2, the G5, the D7000, the D90 and so on all use "the same sensor" because they are have the same resolution at 16mp.

If you get my drift ...

They have the same response curves on DxOMark for signal to noise ratio, dynamic range, tonal range, etc. Same sensor... if you get my drift....

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