Camera choice stress

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Re: Camera choice stress

MarkInSF wrote:

Philip Kendall wrote:

fisherman 7 wrote:

I will ask if can get a compact with Big zoom, Large sensor

Pretty much, no. You can have two of compact, big zoom and large sensor, but not all of them - it's just a question of physics and how big the lens needs to be.

Many people who shoot wildlife keep a superzoom for just that purpose, in addition to whatever other camera they shoot with. Nothing else offers a long zoom at a reasonable price. The Panasonic is a good one with a little more versatility than most because of the faster zoom lens. Most superzooms are useless except in full sunlight. The Panasonic is a little more flexible, but it still has a little sensor that isn't ever going to give really good pictures in lower light.

So what is a good compromise. Hmm. Surprisingly, there aren't any tweeners that are good. If the sensor is bigger, the zoom range is always very limited.

The Fujifilm X-S1 is a large sensor (2/3") superzoom with a 24x, 24-624mm equivalent manual zoom lens. But it is $650 and the size and weight of a DSLR!

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