Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

Started Mar 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
Daniel Lauring
Daniel Lauring Veteran Member • Posts: 9,342
Re: Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

If you don't like fiddling with photoshop the X-E1 has a huge advantage relative to colors.  Fuji knows how to do colors better than anyone, IMHO.  It isn't perfect, however and can still mess up white balance, but generally I find it yields jpegs that require less tweaking than my other cameras.

You do have to be ready to give up a lot of focus performance.  I've been shooting digital since the first VGA cameras came out and it's been quite a few years since I dealt with one that focuses as sluggishly as the X-E1.  Mind you, if light and contrast are available, it is snappy enough, but in more difficult situations it will hunt and give up far more often than anything else I own now.

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