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I have found in the US that Amazon camera pricing of interest to me is not very inviting and therefore have almost quit checking there. This makes it hard for me to appreciate maybe the fullness of your quoted facts.

Amazon is the most credible site. Of course if you gooogle, you might see all kind of prices, some of the cameras are used, some of the sellers are unreliable, some are obvious fraud.

I am going with Amazon prices both for Samsung and Sony. And there is no similarity between the two. Samsung cameras are usually down to 50% within 6 months ON AMAZON. This is not the same with Sony. Sony controls the prices very tightly.

Amazon bought Dpreview, a very aggressive troll. We love samsung NX line not because it's sells for less than NEX on Amazon.

That's irrelevant to the post I was responding. The guy (viking79) made factually incorrect claims about price drops on Sony vs Samsung cameras a few month after launch. The price drops are not similar. They are not even close.  They in fact have nothing in common.

Here are Amzon prices on old cameras (Nex-7 is two years old)

Nex-7 = about $1000 for body only (150 more with lens)

Nex-5n = 650 with the lens

Nex-F3 = 500 with the lens

Nex-6 = about $1000 with the lens (no change since launch)

RX1 = no change since lauch

RX100 == no change since launch

This is ABSOLUTELY not the same as Samsung cameras that are on Amazon for less than 50% after just six months.

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