Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

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Re: Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

John wrote:


I tend to shoot a lot of scenery, landscapes, flowers, and buildings (with the occasional family photo) and lately I've been getting kind of frustrated with my Nikon D5100. The last couple of outings (sunset or orchid festival) where color was hard to properly get just right had me somewhat less than enthusiastic about my D5100. Don't get me wrong, a lot of times the results of my D5100 were great, but under tough lighting condition I would often wind up doing a lot of photoshopping to get the results tweaked the way I wanted.

So a few weekends ago, I looked through all the pictures I took over about a decade with an older Canon DSLR (dont remember the model off hand), Nikon D60, Sigma DP1, Fuji F20 (yes a P&S), and Nikon D5100, and you know which camera to me had the best results out of camera consistently? In my opinion the Fuji F20!

Since it's been a while as I looked at Fuji (almost bought a used S3 a while ago), I came across the X-E1. Between the smaller package (since now I'm using my camera more on travel and hiking) and Fuji's color balance that I remember, I'm almost ready to sell my existing Nikon setup and replace it with the Fuji X-E1.

So my question is am I crazy for swapping the Nikon D5100 for a Fuji X-E1 based on color results? I like the Fuji form factor already, especially for hiking, but is the color balance noticeably better under tough lighting conditions? How does focusing compare? Or am I making a lot out of nothing?

I know some items (such as resolution) are about awash. Any other IQ differentiators which one is better than the other from personal experience?

Actually I would love to have both, but getting that past the wife would be pretty much out of the picture right now.

Thanks much in advance


I don't have X-E1 but I have X100S  I think they're similar in terms of IQ. And I have used D7000 which I think higher end camera than D5100. I would pick XE-1 over D7000 in term of color, wb, ISO, in camera flash etc any day. The only bad thing about Fuji X series in comparison to Nikon D90/7000is the AF-C system that sucks. Everything else comparing between them, FUJI is MUCH better IMO.



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