D600 Repair Experience: Mike's Camera

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Re: D600 Repair Experience: Mike's Camera

Lucky Sky wrote:

Chris in Sacto wrote:

Thank you for posting. It's nice to hear something positive on this. There is a Mike's Camera, not too far from where I live. They recently opened a store here last year. I'll have to pay them a visit in the near future and see what they have to offer. Please keep us updated on the performance of your camera.



I know that I paid more for the cam at Mike's than I could online for the same item. I'm mighty glad that I did go to Mike's.........this service/repair experience has been about as easy as one could hope for. The most painful aspect was dropping the D600 off. After that it just got better and better. I intend on buying my next camera from Mike's in Boulder, CO.

One man's opinion..........

Lucky Sky,

I know exactly what you're saying. I typically will buy from B&H, but if I need it "now" I'll drive over to my local camera shop. It's a small shop called Action Camera, where the owner will clean  your sensor for free. He's given me great service and I always try and buy something, even if it's just a small item like a camera strap or bag to try and help him out. Good customer service goes a long way with me.


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