5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

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Re: 5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

mimilou wrote:

Today I was testing some focusing stuff. I took nearly identical shots with my 60D and my 5D mark 3. The 60D had the 17-55 on it, and the Mark 3 had Tamron's 24-70. I set both @ f/4, 1/125, ISO 100, with flash (430 ex ii) bounced straight up on ETTL at -1/3 FEC. Each lens was zoomed to its max focal length so I guess if we take into account the crop factor of the 60D, the 60D was actually @ 88 mm to the 5D's 70. I found that the shots from the Mark III were a lot darker than the 60D. I had to up the FEC by 2/3 to 1 stop to get the same exposure on the Mark III. I put the 24-70 on the 60D just to check the results to see if it wasn't a lens issue, which I didn't think it was, and the shots were just as bright as with the 17-55. I read a thread in this forum several weeks back (which I can't find) where someone had a Mark III and possibly a Rebel and the shots with the Mark III were much darker with a flash, but that was with a diffuser on. I had no diffuser on for these shots. Is there any reason this should be happening or is this just an issue/feature/something I have to learn to live with on the Mark III?

Perfectly normal. I don't know what it is but this happened to me when I first got my 5D mk2. I compared exact shots from a 50D, even with the same lens, same setting and for some odd reason the ff body seems to communicate differently with the flash then the crop body. If you try the exact same thing but set the flash to manual instead of ETTL, then the results will be closer.

It is darker but the richness in the details are far superior on the ff. Believe me it took me a long time to love my 5D mk2. It is a MAJOR adjustment from a crop body.

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