5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

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Re: 5D Mark III photos with flash dark?

The subjects were exactly the same (I was in my bathroom shooting shells on a windowsill).  I was shooting in RAW and the ALO is not turned on on the 60D (or the Mark III either).  The framing was as close to identical as I could get it between the two cameras.  I'm sure there is room for small error there but it is very, very close.  The shots were taken within minutes (if that) of each other as I had both cameras on the counter and was just switching the flash out between them.  The picture styles are the same (I never use them and I don't think they matter in RAW?  But I did note that they are the same.)  I think I mentioned this in my initial post but I was zoomed to the max focal length on both lenses so 55 mm on the 17-55, and 70 on the 24-70, so there was obviously a difference in FL and add in the crop factor of the 60D as well and that also factors in.  But is it really THAT much of a difference that it would cause so much of a difference in the brightness/lighting in the shots?

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