Larger aperture vs longer shutter speed

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Re: Larger aperture vs longer shutter speed

mobi1 wrote:

It is often said that larger aperture lens is better for low light photography [say 35 mm F/1.8 vs 18-55 F/3.5-5.6]

But I can also use a lower aperture lens with longer shutter speed. Will it then negate the benefit of having larger aperture lens?

I understand larger aperture is also associated with depth of field. But for this discussion assume I want everything in focus and subjects not moving i.e. shooting buildings at night (not people).

If the subject is stationary, and the camera can be held steady indefinitely because it is on a tripod or something, then you can select aperture on DoF requirements only.

Obviously, if the lens in question has a wide aperture you can use it to produce shallow DoF...

... but if it hasn't, you sure 'nuff can't ! ;-|

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