Why would you choose an X100s...

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Re: Why would you choose an X100s...

TakePictures wrote:

... over, for example, an X-E1? I'm really curious. Why would you "sacrifice" the versatility of a camera with interchangable lenses for a fixed-lens camera?

The thing is that until today I was completely focused on the X-E1. I already own a nice system around the D300. The reason for me to go for the X-E1 is -- surprise -- that it is smaller and lighter than my Nikon. But then I thought: building up an X system is quite an investment and the upcoming X lenses, especially the telephoto and 23mm will not be that light and compact. So why not go for the "simplest" X camera there is: the X100s (hope it will be available soon)? It's light, it's compact, it has a great lens. Yes, it's a fixed lens, but at least you don't need to think about which lenses to bring and which one to screw on your camera. The limitation of a fixed lens may also make you more focused on framing and even stimulate creativity.

Any other "rational" reasons for choosing an X100s? (I know that I have to make up my own mind, but I'm curious to hear some other opinions).

For me it's just a matter of preference. I own and utilize my Canon gear for commercial work, but the x100 I owned and sold to wait for the S model is truly a fun photographic tool. I personally get tired of changing lenses and hauling all types of camera/lighting/grip gear around for work. A single camera with a fixed lens that produces excellent images in the right hands is such a joy. I've never considered buying the other interchangeable Fuji cameras because I shoot so much live performance and dance I don't believe those could effectively replace what I already own/use.

The x100 and I'm sure the S model are what I use for fun and personal work.

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