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Re: Sad thread really

yvind Strm wrote:

I should have kept it at that, and not written all the things I did. But I think the responses pretty much illustrate what was my main point.

Maybe ... or maybe not.

If you excuse me saying so ... it at least did show how easy it is to be a Troll in this forum. There are some here that are easy to get going.

I am sorry I took the bait, and went into that useless discussion. But it made it easier for me to understand why a perceived troll reacts when the attacks turns personal.

This is a difficult balance act.

I saw a Cesar Millan program yesterday. He is that dog whisperer that learns people to handle their dogs. In this show he had one woman that had two small pudles. They were sisters. And they now and then tried to kill each other. Really kill. BTW - I did not see the whole program, so I did not see how it was solved, if it could be solved even.

But - the conclusion Cesar made was that one of the sisters were dominant and really quite nice. It was quite easy to make that dog to behave. The other dog was very insecure and hyper nervous - could not relax. And as soon as something happened, the insecure dog was triggered to attack the other one. And the dominant of course did fight back. She knew she was on top, so would not accept any nonsense.

It was quite hopeless really.

Anyhow ... humans are more complex than dogs. We have many more dimensions in our ambitions and choice of things to defend. It might be football teams or cameras or your skill as photographer or just a place in the local club of people. Lots of things. And intelligent and resourceful people can have lots and lots of such areas.

Two people that both feel secure and relaxed seldom fall in the trap of starting a fight over trivial things. Maybe over important things though.

So if I come here and say "I wonder why Sigma makes so lacking cameras?", then that might trigger some people here, either because those people think that Sigma cameras are very important or because they feel insecure with their choice of Sigma cameras. A third possibility is of course that they have been conditioned that this is the correct behaviour.


The reverse is also possible. Someone comes her and is not happy at all with his camera (right or wrong) and says so. Then, instead of empathy, he gets an advice how to use his camera better. Then that guy gets really p*ssed off - how dare you tell me how to use my camera - I have been photographing for 30 years - I know how to handle cameras! But the advice was maybe sincere. Or sometimes not. But - who cares? Why get so angry?

Laurence even accused me of being Swedish!

Thats horrible How could he?

BTW - do you know that some stupid politicians up here calls Stockholm the capital city of Scandinavia? I mean - sometimes you do everything to show your arrogance.

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