D800E - who needs TC's or long telephotos? ;-)

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Re: D800E - who needs TC's or long telephotos? ;-)

SanMat wrote:

Thanks Lance,

That's getting more tempting, though currently I'm watching more closely for reviews of the new 80-400mm. That could replace a couple of my lenses for the "walkaround" nature shots. Would be nice to pair it with a higher res sensor. Perhaps we'll hear an announcement of a true d300s replacement. D7100 looks nice but doesn't really interest me. If I get another aps-c camera, I'd rather have something faster and more robust, even at the cost of some megapixels. 16-20mp would suit me just fine.

As for processing - you mentioned it was easier than D800 - how has it been dealing with those file sizes? In my case it may require a computer upgrade, which I'm not in a hurry to do. Dealing with my D700/D300s files already seems to push my laptop a bit.

File sizes hasn't been an issue for me, but then I have quite an up to date computer with 16Gb of Ram and solid state drive, Intl i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4Ghz 4 core and 6Tb of storage.


Lance B wrote:

SanMat wrote:

Hi Lance,

Great results.

Thank you very much, Pete!

Are you shooting both D800E and D800? And if so - how different are they?

No, sold the D800 and kept the D800E. There is little difference, but enough extra res for me to keep the D800E, makes post process easier.



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