Canon S5 IS just won't start up

Started Mar 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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altaric wrote:

Hey, my S5IS just stopped starting up after I put new batteries in. Have tried three different sets of batteries and the terminals look clean. Anybody got any ideas?

A few things come to mind. Is it possible that all the batteries are bad? This is where a cheap multimeter comes in handy. Or try the batteries in another camera or flashlight? I ask this because my wife never throws away batteries and I'm constantly troubleshooting stuff like this. When I find these dead batteries I use a special tool that makes them about an inch shorter and flat on two sides.

An obvious thing to check would be that the batteries are properly inserted in respect to polarity. Check the diagram inside the battery compartment, sorry if this seems so basic but I'm always having to re-insert batteries for family members so I know it happens.

After opening the battery door you should see a small plastic nub that gets pushed down by the door, it sits directly above the top battery and very close to the right edge of the SD card. This interlock will prevent power up if it's not being depressed, possibly by some sort of damage to the battery door?

The symptom is also unfortunately a fairly common failure with this camera, same for the S2 and S3 cameras. That and the lens motor failing.

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