Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Great Bustard wrote:There is more blur in a 12.8 MP photo than there is in a 24 MP photo, all else equal.

If you upsampling to 24mp sure.

Actually..always the case (all else being equal)

fist of all, I never said above words;

True formatting changed...wonder why that happens. I should have caught that, my apologies

secondary if I don't need to print/view big, why I need to upsampling? You will not see much difference when you print/view in normal size.

Unrelated...the point is that when all other variables are kept constant, there is more blur in a 12.8 MP photo than there is in a 24mp photo. Weather or not it's notices is another matter. At your normal "5000-pixel wide" standard it is a bit obvious.

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So you'e telling me that if a lens only resolves 12MP of detail (quite common and actually a pretty good lens more than likely) that the 12MP photo will be more "blurry" than the 24MP photo even if things are equal?

Something inside is telling me that in fact the 24MP photo will be more blurry as it is creating more pixels than the lens can resolve resulting in blur.

Something inside is telling me you're making this up, or perhaps regurgitating something you've seen qianp2k claim.

So, go to DxO and find a lens that rates exactly the same with regards to sharpness on a 5D2 as it does on a 5D. That will be the fabled lens that "only resolves 12MP of detail".

Doing so will prove quite illuminating I suspect. I doubt you'll find a single one - you will, instead, find that every lens you care to look at rates sharper on the higher MP sensor than it does on the lower one.

That wouldn't make any sense. Why would some lenses rate 8MP on a 12MP sensor and say 15MP on a 22MP sensor.....makes no sense especially if we're comparing a lens on a 5Dc to a 5Dmkii so pixel density is not the issue.

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