Nikon AF improvement?

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Kerry Pierce wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

I've heard this comment over and over. I don't buy into it, at least not in my case. The ( and I mean my) D800 just doesn't lock on well, on moving "things" such as BIF that are at a bit of a distance. I don't mean slightly soft, I mean OOF

I went to your other thread and read all of your posts. I certainly understand and agree with most of what you said. It can be a real PITA when your camera doesn't work properly. I had the same issues with a d7000, almost identical. How can a camera give you 100% OOF shots at certain times or subjects, if it isn't broken/defective? I got all of the usual forum stuff, including that I was too stupid to operate the camera.

Well, I sent it to Nikon and they replaced some parts and adjusted some others. Now it seems to work as it should. That doesn't mean that I'm not stupid, it just means that my AF was defective.

My point to you is that it seems likely to me that you're having the same issues I had with the d7k. I don't care what your service tech said. If my d800 acted like yours, I'd send it in for service and keep sending it in for service until they fixed it.

good luck


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I know it's the body and not me.  Not that I'm smarter than you or anything:). I've got the problem solved for now, D4 for anything that moves and D800 for everything else.  But that only makes me worse, as I can put off doing just about anything. Stupid part is I'm only about 20 minutes from Nikon.

And the "downsampling required" and a few other theories are something that one person came up with and everyone elses thinks is gospel.  I don't get into it with them ( well not too much ) but if the OOF had to do with the 36mp, then it would be apparent on the landscape shots as well.  Although I have the prerequisite tripod, RRS BH55 ballhead, RRS plates, etc., I prefer to shoot "unchained". So I have landscapes that blow away, D700, D7000, D3S and moving stuff that I could do as well with a D50. If it were the mp then it wouldn't be just in the action. And since I can nail the action with the D4, I can rule out the fellow behind the camera.

Glad to hear you got your D7k fixed, by the way

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