Is the "wow" factor gone from camera upgrading?

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Not for me....quite.

Ultradan wrote:

I think the truth of the matter is that quality is so close across the entire ranges of digital SLR's these days, there is rarely any "wow" factor when people post photo's of their latest and greatest "upgrade", even with the top end models like the 1DX, D4 etc it is rare to see an image posted on here that really makes you think "money well spent". In my opinion this is because all of the great photo's that you see in life - you know the ones you look at and go "whoa", a scene from the front lines of war, nature in all it's glory, whatever, with these photo's it's the subject that really strikes you, be honest you never look at an amazing photo and go "oh that would have been way better on xyz camera do you?

It is my opinion that posting pictures online to show how well the latest eos or nikon looks really does little other than fuel the argument that you would have been better keeping your last camera - at least in 90% of cases, granted low light advances have been much needed and frame rates also for sports.

What are others thoughts on this constant posting of pictures that dont really look any different to 10 year old cameras?

Since buying into Fuji's X system I can't wait for the new AF system to appear on their ICL cameras.

But I sure don't plan to invest any more in SLRs. D600 was a let down with it's dusty sensor, and I already have all the kit I need.

In SLR terms, they are all pretty good and upgrading really seems to lose you as much as it gains you a lot of the time.

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