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Re: X100S - Full Wedding

BrianKraft wrote:

3dmus wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

BrianKraft wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

hjheathcote wrote:

Let's just pause a second.....

These photos are EPIC.

Brian - you have a truly amazing eye.

Can I ask one question, however. How were these processed? I understand from you previous post that you used Lightroom 4, but how do you achieve the effect?

Can someone please help?


Heff. 16 years old, UK.

He used VSCO filters, I also have an X100s and LR4.4 and VSCO filters, once you use the VSCO filters you know the signature.

You're off, dude. I've never touched VSCO before. It's my own tweaks (a combo of many many things that is never static) in LR 4.4.

I'm not going to argue the fact, I know 100% what they are and could replicate it with one click in LR

Why would you doubt that he's done it himself? Really, this is quite rude IMO.

[EDIT: maybe I should have said "seems" quite rude...always difficult to tell with forum posts...never quite the same as a real life conversation!]

To the OP: marvellous photos, and I for one love the processing!

Thanks! Yeah, I can't begin to understand this guy. He seems very angry/paranoid for some reason. If I had used VSCO, I would just say so. Weird. Looks like he deleted a follow-up comment too. Probably better that way, I guess.

Well VSCO uses Lightroom sliders/settings so there's no stopping one from getting the same look with Or without it.

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