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Re: Sad thread really

Hello Roland

Wise words as always.

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Hmmmm .. a rather sad thread. A bunch of grown up (me included unfortunately) that seriously discuss other fellow posters. Who cares if Ron is provocative, and why he is so? Getting all excited for the wrong usage of English words, or for being called sigmafia or troll or whatever.

I am seriously considering getting a DP2M or DP3M. I know, I have done the same before - and never got one. Mainly because of distrust of the cameras. So maybe - maybe not. But ... the Merrill sensor is big enough for being seriously useful. So ...

But, when reading this thread I just get so fed up with it all. Whats the use?

Personally I prefer odd and interesting people with interesting views. If those people take fantastic pictures or are very knowledgeable about technology or just nice guys, I dont care. And there are some of that kind here. Apart from my interest in Foveon technology, thats also why I am here.

The good Öywind did exaggerate, with a rather large factor IMHO. Which is a pity. Because, there is some wisdom there. The exaggerations got some likes and dislikes, just as exaggerations always gets.

As you may recall, I have several times over the years opposed how people are treated if they come here and dare to ask a critical question, or maybe comes off on the wrong foot. I claim that it is rarely this "troll" that starts the attacks. A person may be tolerated for a while, but then the attacks start. As with RonJ. As with Jaelkay. As with numerous others. THEN the accused troll responds, and are attacked by the wolf pack. More responses, "confirming" he was just a troll.

I should have kept it at that, and not written all the things I did. But I think the responses pretty much illustrate what was my main point.

I am sorry I took the bait, and went into that useless discussion. But it made it easier for me to understand why a perceived troll reacts when the attacks turns personal.

Laurence even accused me of being Swedish!

Both strong likes and strong dislikes I believe to be destructive in this case. It polarises us and them. Us-and-them is not constructive in a forum IMNSHO.

Its a pity we cant all meet IRL. Physical meetings are often the best cure against alienation.

All this rambling said ... we will see what life has in store for me - a DP2m, DP3M or none?

Or maybe a Pentax 645D?

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Kind regards

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