Will we ever see a OSS 24mm prime?

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Re: Will we ever see a OSS 24mm prime?

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The Zeiss cine lenses lack IS because they are designed for mounts like PL (literally, named after Panavision) that don't have IS technology to begin with. Answer.

Why not? That is the question. (Hint: optical stabilization has nothing to do with "mount").

I think the broadest summary is, all E-mount lenses should have OSS mandatory, and if you don't want that because you believe in the myth that OSS degrades image quality -- it doesn't -- then turn it off.

Trust me, if I don't miss OS on 35mm f/1.8, I am not going to miss it on 20mm f/2.8 either. If OSS is going to add some size, weight and cost to the lens, I would rather not have it. Otherwise, you're right, I just might keep OSS off, like I do anyway.

You're smarter than that, Einstein (even if you're his ghost): the mount needs to feed electrical current to any lens-based IS, and if the mount is dumb, no IS.

And then, the idea of OSS/IS meaningfully adding to the cost of lens production is a cherished myth by manufacturers who enjoy collecting money on old tech instead of rising to minimum standards of today or, for that matter, decades ago.

By all means, turn it off if you believe the Earth is flat, but the NEX format cries out for OSS all-around.

Well Said! Amen!

It depends if you're looking for a pity party.

Who the He__ is looking for a pity party??

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