Is dust spot issue fixed on D600?

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My D600 Repair Report As Requested

To Lock and others-

I called Mike's Camera one week after the D600 was shipped and asked for a status report. The techs checked with Nikon and found the camera had not yet been logged in. They called me back 48 hours after my inquiry to let me know what Nikon had told them.

13 days after the D600 was shipped, Mike's Camera called me to let me know the camera was now back in the shop, ready for pickup. I was out of town and had to wait.

I picked up the D600 today, March 13, 2013 and the Mike's Camera techs were surprised with the factory servicing notes. The technicians were expecting to see something like "remove and replace (R&R) the mirror assembly and cleaned sensor". That's been what Mike's Camera has been seeing when a D600 comes back from Nikon service.

My D600 repair notes said:

Replaced SHUTTER mechanism

Checked AF

Checked flash

Checked exposure

Cleaned Sensor

Please note that in my D600's case, the mirror assembly was not the source of oil (I am inferring).

After a few hundred exposures, I'll do the dreaded f/22 OOF sky shot and see what the results produce.

I have the highest regard for the people at Mike's Camera in Boulder. They were very considerate and understanding to the point of being apologetic for the D600's well documented problems.

I'll report back here with the results of the factory fix in a few weeks or less.

Note to Moderator: I am posting this in a couple of other threads where participants asked me to report my service experience.

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