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jfriend00 wrote:

Jim F wrote:

T O Shooter wrote In part): ... I also shoot with a Nikon 80-400AF and a Sigma 150-500. The D4 will make the 150-500 shine whereas the D800 will not.

Yikes. I own a Sigma 150-500 that was fine tuned for AF. I'm evaluating it's performance with my D800E. Not liking what I am seeing Why do you think the D4 does better with the 150-500 than the D800? I'm not challenging you; I ask objectively

Are you looking at both images at 100%? Because 16MP vs. 36MP is not a fair comparison. You'd have to size them both to be the same with a good resizer algorithm in order to compare fairly as this is what will happen anyway in print or on web.

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I've heard this comment over and over. I don't buy into it, at least not in my case. The ( and I mean my) D800 just doesn't lock on well, on moving "things" such as BIF that are at a bit of a distance. I don't mean slightly soft, I mean OOF

Look at the horse shots in this thread?

I had practially just thrown the D4 into the bag that day. About the only setting I had made was switch to AF-C Hadn't looked at number of AF points selected or anything else. Came upon these horses and quickly put the Sigma 150-500 on. Hadn't used the D4 prior except one test shot to confirm shutter count of "0". Spent about an hour here, took somewhere around 150 shots or so, and looking back throught them there might be 2 that were a little soft. I think shot wide open, and the 150 to 500 is not known for it's quick autofocus. Horses were moving quickly, cutting around, and at times partially obscured by snow flying up. As I said in that thread, with the D800 you wouldn't be able to tell if it was horses or cows. I don't know if I would have even bothered trying the D800 if it was the only body I had with me.

I can shoot a sequence of action with the D800 and every shot can be out of focus. Landscape, people around the house, anything fairly static and the D800 is amazing. Even though I do this for the fun of it, I'd be really tempted to spring for a D4X if it ever comes, if it's a D800 sensor with everything else D4

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