What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

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Re: What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

Really, the "best FL" for landscapes is a good zoom. There's just too much variation in the world to choose one focal length to cover all the landscape bases. Those sunsets, for example, might most often call for a WA, while the cityscapes might be better served by a short tele, depending on where you're standing.

If you're asking this question because you want to invest in a really good prime and can only afford one (which is a situation in which most of us have been), the only real answer you can get is the one you deduce for yourself. Do you have plans for shooting in specific places? Are you going to be taking pictures of people or other objects in the foregrounds of grand landscapes (I prefer longer lenses in these cases providing I have enough room to step back)? Are you going to be in a place with great sweeping vistas (wider lens) or with just a few singular features that don't have all that much surrounding them (longer lens)?

So if you really wanted to be covered, the best options out there are the "modest superzooms," the Canon 15-85, Nikon 16-85, and Sony/Zeiss 16-80 (the best of the three I think, but the most expensive). Those all have surprisingly good IQ and a very good landscape FL range. However, if you want prime-level IQ, your best bet might be to just pick the spot in the range (i.e. WA, standard, tele) you use the most, and just get the best possible prime available near it. For example, a set consisting of the upcoming Zeiss 12mm (provided it lives up to its brand name), the Sigma 30, and the Sony 50 would serve you pretty well in almost any situation, I think. And the latter two would probably set you back just a bit over $300 total if you bought used.

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