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Re: Better settings

Catallaxy wrote:

AF-C 9 pt is good for action if you are good at keeping the bird within the 9 pts. If you are not, then swithc to AF-C 21 pt. But try to follow the bird (pan) and keep it in the range of the chosen AF sensors

This is a fast bird, you need 1/1250 shutter speed minimum, with 1/1600 being safe. 1/800 to 1/1000 will do for soaring birds like hawks and eagles, but you will get blurred wing tips even then.

To get that shutter speed up, you need to trade off a bit of ISO and aperture. ISO of 400 would have been better, which would have doubled your shutter speed.

Or you could have chosen Auto ISO with ISO 800 as your upper max, and shutter speed of 1/1600 as you minimum. That is what I do for birding. Then set your aperture for f/5.6 to f/8, depending on conditions and your lens.

You also need a longer lens for birding. 300mm is considered the minimum.

It looks like the contrast is too high as well.

All in all, you did quite well catching one of these guys in flight.

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All very good points.  I wasn't intending on "birding". I was there to take pictures of the shooters and this guy popped up in my line of fire so to say.  It was a brilliantly sunny day with snow on the ground so I was more afraid of washed out images. I do have a 70-300 but since I was following right behind the line I didn't feel the need for such zoom.  Never have the right gear at the right time eh?

When you say contrast - are talking PP? But all in all  - thank you very much for the tips. I will try to remember them for the next time and put them into use.  Thank you!!

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