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Re: Have some more kewlaid Eugene!

Moonwalker wrote:

The 70-200 vrii and 24-70 are both AWESOME on the D800!

For landscape work, the 70-200mm VRII is generally excellent with the D800 (I had serious problems with this lens on the D3X due to mirror slap and gave up using it with that camera). As good as it is on the D800, it's difficult to get 36MP of resolution without a good tripod and without mirror-up. I usually have to sharpen handheld images in post-processing at 200mm (landscape shots), no matter whether I use VR on or off.

The 24-70mm on the other hand is problematic for landscape work. At 70mm, it's excellent, but on the wide end it doesn't get my recommendation for the D800. In fact, at 24mm it's impossible to get a sharp image across the frame (when objects are at a similiar distance). I'm not talking about a simple field curvature - this lens produces sharp and blurry regions within the frame. The 24mm PC-E is awesome across the frame (when used without tilt and without shift).


I've noticed the same thing with my 24-70.  When I do group portraits I can see the the image go from sharp as a tack in the center to visible (at 100%) blur at the DX border and then acceptable after that.  That is shot at F8 too.  What recommendation do you have for this?

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