Buy $1000 EVF-less E-P5 or wait for Best-ever E-M5 successor?

Started Mar 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
tjdean01 Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
No EVF, 5-Axis, or weather sealing

It'd say if they want to keep the OMD EM-X series tops, they will keep the EVF, 5 axis stabilization, and weather sealing off of the P5.

In all honesty I would probably skip buying a portable PM2 and just get the OMD if you could REMOVE THE EVF.  I would never use it at all and it makes the camera a lot taller and thicker and harder to fit in a small case.  Without that the camera would be mine already.  The main thing I like about it is the ergonomics and external controls.  It looks really cool which is a big factor in my appreciating a camera.  I also would love the 5-axis stabilization.  I plan on getting the OMD EM-6 if it's good, still looks cool, they haven't destroyed my interest in it with 24MP, and out in a year or so.  Too bad there won't be a non-EVF model 

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