Fast CF card reader IOS 10.8 - NO Thunderbolt yet ?

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Re: Fast CF card reader IOS 10.8 - NO Thunderbolt yet ?

Tom_N wrote:

Graham Clark 178 wrote:

These I/O speeds exceed the effective throughput of a CF card.

The article at the end of that link ā€“ which I see now, is at your own site ā€“ mentions that the DSLR in question does not use a CF card. It does not give any throughput figures for a direct USB link. So I'm not sure what the point was in giving a link to that Canon DSLR review page.

If I go two links deep (to the card review, rather than the DSLR one), the SD-type card mentioned there was said to have a performance of 35-38 megabytes per second. There is a reference to another card that can do perhaps 95 megabytes per second. Both cards have speeds well within the 5 gigabits per second capacity of USB 3.0 or the 10 gigabits per second per channel capacity of Thunderbolt.

Sorry, meant to link you to my article on SanDisk Extreme 128GB speeds and throughput!

Essentially the read/write of these cards is lower than the interfaces which transfer the data to the computer - except for apple hardware which has built-in SD readers.

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