Hands-on Review: Canon EOS 6D

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Re: Hands-on Review: Canon EOS 6D

Robert Deutsch wrote:

Nice, succinct review. I have one question. In the review, you point out that the 6D firmware includes CA correction for JPEG, and how that's a good thing. Does this correction apply only to JPEGs? On your web site, you seem to imply--I couldn't find a definite statement--that you shoot RAW. If that's the case, isn't the inclusion of CA correction in the camera irrelevant, in that any CA correction is handled by the RAW software? I own a 6D, and use ACR and CS6 for processing. I haven't examined the images closely for presence of CA, but haven't noticed any in casual viewing.


Hello Bob,

Good question! The CA data is applied only to JPEGs as it's a real-time computation saved onto the image - RAW's are exempt from shooting profiles/processing. Software such as Canon's own image processor (which sucks), or ACR do however pick up the RAW profiles and allow for automatic CA fixes.

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