is my 16-35mm a dud or are they all like this?

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Re: is my 16-35mm a dud or are they all like this?

Higuma wrote:

Gethin Coles wrote:

My first impression on using the lens was that it was a little soft. Just did a quick and dirty lens test

Hi Gethin,

With all due respect - - I really cringe when the first thing someone does with a new lens is start shooting test charts and "quick and dirty" tests...

My question right back to you would be - How well does it work for you when used for the purpose that you purchased it for ?

I think the OP already said the lens appeared soft, and did some more technical shots (chart) to reveal the problem more clearly?  Er, maybe "clearly" is the wrong word, more CA and softly?:)

So now posting tech shots on a tech forum, on a review site with lots of "test" shots in reviews, is looked down upon?  Sheesh.

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