E-7 Wish List

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Re: E-7 Wish List

SirSeth wrote:

It's my wish list, not what I am predicting is going to happen, so EVF stays.

But I'll play. In the quote, what do you think needs to improve for Olympus to be satisfied that it's up to professional standards? IMO, it's the AF tracking and general speed. Shutter should be instant. AF dead on and able to keep up with moving subjects. Very little black out time in sequential shooting. Many fps. I think they also mean to imply that support for their true professional lenses needs to be there. Finally, the EVF has to be a notch better--but it's pretty close in the A99--a professional camera. (Of course for those who don't like any EVF there is no sell no matter how good it performs).

For me to buy the E-7, continuous AF must be much better than my E-3 (and OMD sensor). I did not buy the E-5 because it was not better with AF. I have EVF on my SX50 and have no problem with it except speed of refresh. If they get that improved to where it does not interrupt view any more than OVF, then no problem as they have some advantages over OVF.


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