85mm f1.8G vs 1.8D - focus speed?

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Re: 85mm f1.8G vs 1.8D - focus speed?

I hadn't really noticed.   Both are fast enough for me.  (D700).   If the lens is close to the right focus range, it zips into place just fine for me.  (Either lens).

The thing about slow focus - it's by design.   A slower focusing lens means that it is geared differently and can be more accurately focused.   It has a very small depth of field.   Useful to have that focus point precisely hit.

I've had another lens for years that is precisely the opposite - an old Sigma 400F5.6 AF.   The lens rotates about 1/4 turn from one end to the other and has an extremely light feel.  It's devilishly tricky to manually focus that way - just too hair trigger.   Autofocus is just 'OK' in terms of accuracy.

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