D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

Well, by the standards of this forum, I have neither a Real Camera nor a Real Lens. Consumer all the way, although the D7K and 70-300 combo occasionally do a decent photo, it's nothing like some of the shots posted here by those far more skilled and dedicated than I.

Spec: Well the 16Mp on the D7K is enough for what I do, usually. It has better high ISO behavior and more DR than the D300, so I'm happy with that. But I do like hawks and eagles and skiers, so I want a fast focus (D300 and D7100 have better focusing than the D7000) and a deep buffer (D7100 fail). In a few cases, those two items might have allowed me to get a photo that I have missed, or which was not focused correctly.

Handling: The D7000 is no D300, as has been stated over and over. Still, it's not bad, and configurability has allowed me to set up the camera so that the clumsy location of the ISO button is not an issue.

So, what I really want is faster, more accurate focus and deeper buffer. I want a smaller DX body because I ski and kayak with the thing, and my hands are not large. The D7100 looks pretty decent, but the small buffer prevents me from upgrading.

This time, I guess, it's about spec, but it's an item that doesn't have anything to do with Mp. It's the buffer. (Well, that and budget.)

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