So few lenses for full frame? Am I the only one?

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Re: So few lenses for full frame? Am I the only one?

Muresan Bogdan wrote:

I agree...ultrawide will be a problem with APS-C not full frame. Just to compare the Canon 10-22 on APSC has 2 rivals on full-frame : 17-40 and 16-35, the latter corresponding better as viewing angles, but both are faster than the 10-22. On APS-C you just have som Sigma 8mm fish eye but the equivalent for full frame is the wonderfull 14mm linear. Then you have on full frame the 8-15mm Canon which is insanely wide. And the Sigma 12-24. You will need a 5mm fisheye on crop to compare to the 8-15 on full frame.

I think you are comparing focal lenghts nor viewing angles so you end up thinking 10-22mm on crop is wider or something.

You might be responding to my post.  The 10 - 22 is very good corner to corner at 10mm (16mm equiv)- the zooms you mention are not.  I also had a budget - the tokina 17 rmc used at f11 hyperfocal resolved the issue.  Coupled with ptgui it is sharp and rectilinear for about $125.00.

I work on a tripod so this might not be the solution for everyone.

The point I'm making is that if you have unlimited resources there isn't too much of an uwa issue (though even the zeiss stuff can be soft at the corners) but prior to the Samyang 14mm , my research turned up little new below $1000.00 that would suit my purposes.

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