D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

I've battled the same as many others here.....my take was to re-invest again in gently used D300s that was available for a good deal. Having used most every DSLR Nikon has to offer, I've recently relinquished a pair of D3s' in lieu of a D4 and a D300s.....

My logic? As awesome the D3s' are, they too are now getting long in the tooth (relatively) and in an effort to maintain a majority portion of what I had invested (i did buy both used) chose to sell them while the market still maintained fairly top dollar.  Honestly, as much as i miss having (2) top notch pro DSLR's for bragging rights, I am not upset- The D4 is a different animal and it produces and responds differently from the D3s.  Is it worth an upgrade from 1 to the other? Not necessarily, but I can say- out of the box,they are in deed different devices.

I've found a crop sensor body advantageous for Sports shooting environments and while I am sure that the D7100 (and it's added 1.3 crop) will become the camera of choice for many, i do not believe it will become the choice for those use to shooting with the likes of a pro style body like the D300/D300s....and I do believe that Nikon is pulling our chains and making us wait for what they will eventually release as a D400ish body for the market in fact wants it.

The D300s is a true tool with less fluff than what many buying the D7100 will require. The 1.3 crop function of the D7100 user will be replaced by those wanting a DX version of a D800 built to run like a D300s who will also use real glass- (likely a 300/400/500/600 200/400, etc)

The D7100 will sell very well, no doubt..........as will the D400 when it finally arrives- and this will be to both those who will sell off their recently purchased D7100 as well as those who were patient enough to have waited for the release of Nikon's most sought after DSPR in 7 years....

Just my take and my two cents.....I want a D400 to join my D4 but in the mean time I saw no reason to not have a DX body in my kit if the price was right. To me, for $750 a mint condition D300s with MBD10 grip and extra batteries was worth it.....

Now, it's simply the waiting game......I can dream, can't I??

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